All pieces are shipped USPS priority mail. Once the pieces are shipped they are usually received in approximately 2-7 business days depending on what part of the continental US you are ordering from. If rush shipping is desired please contact me before ordering to ensure that your time needs can accurately be met. All orders shipping internationally generally take about 7-14 days from shipping date to be received. However, I cannot control or be held liable for how long shipping takes or the treatment of your pieces by the post after they leave my possession. Customs can hold pieces longer than 7-14 days so when ordering please allot time for any issues that the post may have.

As a small business I cannot accept any refunds, cancellations, or returns. However, as I do heavily value the business of my customers I do accept most exchanges, these will be taken on a case by case basis that was I can give you the best possible outcome for any situation that arises.

Lead times:
Most pieces can be made in approximately 6-12 weeks. However, from the months of August-November lead times can take longer because of the volume of orders being processed during that time. If you need a piece rush shipped please contact me directly to make sure that your needs can accurately be met. If you need a piece by a specific date please contact me directly to see the most up to date lead times. These items are completely handmade and I will not rush due to the fact that I value quality. 6-12 weeks is a basic lead time, however depending on what it is you order it could be more or less. Again, if time is of the essence please contact me directly for a more accurate lead time.

MM Fabrications cannot be held liable for the actions of USPS or any other parties we ship through. Once your item leaves our possession we are not responsible for shipping times, delays, weather occurrences, etc. If you have an issue with an order please contact us anytime at [email protected]. we are available 24/7 and will do our best to accommodate any concerns.