• Image of 🩸Milk+Typhoid mini print pack 🩸

Hello all!
As many of you are aware the corona virus has caused a major riff in the lives of many artists due to events being cancelled and work being halted. We as artists don’t usually get the luxury of sick days, time off, etc. which can be a very grim time for us, fueled by stress and worry. While I am a broke ass artist that still lives hand to mouth, I am still always appreciative of the support I receive and I wanted to use this time to spread some joy. I made a run of these 4in x 4in mini prints for Transworld which is now cancelled, so I’ve decided to send them out to those of you who may be going through a grim time. I have a very limited number of these, but I hope this helps even just a little bit!
All of my love, always.